{t is two!} albuquerque child photographer, two year old session

There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child.  There are seven million. 

~Walt Streightiff~

This little girl holds a special place in my heart. Not only does she somewhat feel like family (I grew up with her dad) but she was the first newborn I ever photographed when I started my business. Incredible how time has a way of breezing right by. It was so much fun getting to know her as a two year old. Watching her discover, listening to her talk, seeing what she enjoyed, and observing her explore her world. Thanks, R & B, for sharing your sweet pea with me once again. I love watching her grow, and I always adore catching glimpses of her great grandma in her eyes. Blessings.


  • Uncle Tom said:

    Isn't my great-niece beautiful...?!?!?! She's a natural. The photographer caught some amazing photos of Taylor. Thanks...!!!

  • Robin Green said:

    These pictures are Forever Treasures!! They are absolutely exquisite! As Taylor grows up, she will appreciate revisiting this magic time in her life Bree was able to capture.

  • Paula said:

    I love outdoor photos, they are just so beautiful! The subject is gorgeous and the scenery is too! These photos have captured precious memories.

  • Marianne said:

    As always, Bree's work is amazing and doesn't disappoint. Love!

  • Lily Garcia said:

    These pics are precious! Amazing work!

  • jessica heck said:

    She is so adorable love the pics

  • Jordan said:

    What great pictures of a cute little lady. She is going to be a heartbreaker when she grows up!!

  • Tim Base said:

    Great pictures. Cute kid. I'm jealous of her overalls

  • victor said:

    Excellent pictures, she is a princess!

  • Terri said:

    The pictures you have taken of T and her mom and dad are great.

  • Karin said:

    These photos are gorgeous! She's grown up so much! Great photos Bree!

  • Anon said:

    These photos are beautiful. I love the idea with the wings at the butterfly garden.

  • Chris Leitch said:

    The pictures are perfect Bree! She's my niece, I would expect nothing less. :)

  • Jana said:

    Taylor is so cute, Betsy!!

  • Amy Lasagna said:

    Awwwwwwww what a pretty little princess you have!

  • Jan Lasagna said:

    Great pictures! She is such a beauty and so sweet. Thanks for sharing.

  • Rachael said:

    Beautiful photographs! Beautiful girl(s)!

  • Mary Toyama said:

    She's so precious...I bet she's cuter than the butterfly she's trying to catch :-)

  • Heather Garcia said:

    What a beautiful daughter you have Betsy.... like a mini you! The butterfly wings & her in overalls are my favorites!

  • Veronica said:

    Beautiful, just beautiful!

  • Deb Smith said:

    What a wonderful slideshow of such a precious, sweet girl.

  • Oh my gosh! That is the cutest little girl! And I love how you got her in the butterfly garden with her wings on. So lovely!

  • Pat Hill said:

    Sweet, sweet pictures of the sweetest little girl! I love them all!

  • Ryan Eklund said:

    Awesome as always Bree! Having the equipment and knowing how to use it are two very different things, which is why we have you to the photography. There is no way I could catch these priceless images in the midst of fiddling with my camera- you're amazing!

  • Betsy said:

    The pictures are perfect as always! The song you picked is perfect. My 80 year old Grandma is in an Alzeheimer's facility and has no idea who I am, but will sing "you are my sunshine" with me. I was in ABQ for the weekend and my mom and I got teary-eyed watching the slide show!

  • Tammy Roby said:

    These are such beautiful pictures of Taylor! Wonderful job.

  • Julie Hunt said:

    I can't believe how big she is! And so pretty! The photographer did a great job!

  • Robert Leitch said:

    Once again I am blown away by all of these pictures. Great job and thanks!!

  • Kathy said:

    Bree, You out did yourself -- these pictures bring out the kids personalities and especially little Ms. Taylor!!! So adorable.

  • Rob Brown said:

    Those pictures were AMAZING!!! My Grand Neice is quite Awesome isnt she? You did a Fantastic job on this shoot...

  • Myrene Eklund said:

    Oh, Bree! The pictures are stunning. Thank you for capturing the spirit of my beautiful granddaughter. You are an amazing photographer. Thank you!!!