{so in love} albuquerque pregnancy photo session

There is no friendship, no love, like that of the parent for the child.
~Henry Ward Beecher~

Complete love and adoration flowed from this couple throughout their session. Their affection for each other so sweet to capture. They, like all parents, are already smitten with the little life growing inside it’s mama’s belly, and like them, I am anxiously awaiting it’s arrival into the world….camera ready to capture his or her first breath. Thank you guys for opening your lives to me and my lens a bit…can’t wait to share in the birth of your sweet pea any day now! Blessings.

  • Natasha M. Trias said:

    These pictures are so cute! You both are very photogenic and so comfortable in front of the camera, it is wonderful. I especially like the Ina May book. Hahaha. If I can get up the courage I will definitely talk to Bree about our photos.

  • Amber said:

    Lovely!! Beautiful lighting, colors, and couple!

  • doris said:

    beautiful pictures of you both.Ashley you are positively glowing,can't wait to see the baby.love you,Doris

  • Alex said:

    Great pics, guys.

  • Amor & Shelby Brannin said:

    Absolutely beautiful, you will cherish these always.

  • Raquel Gorospe said:

    My goodness, these pictures are beautiful.

  • Doug Brock said:

    Great photos, dear daughter ! I am going to guess your baby's weight at 7 pounds and 12 ounces.


    Ole Dougley

  • Laura said:

    What great pictures!

  • Rupa said:

    oh my gosh.. You guys look so cute together! The 4th picture is my favorite :-)

  • Kelli said:

    I thought you were a beautiful bride....NOW....a beautiful mother-to-be! Congratulations & best wishes to you and "daddy".

  • Ashley said:

    We've been reading tons of baby books! The pictures were taken in the park by our house where we go to read.

  • Llewyn said:

    Aw, the book photo is very cute! I want to know what y'all are reading. :)

  • Janet said:

    looks like you're gestating right along. congrats! Great photos

  • Rejeana said:

    Love the pictures!!

  • Anthony said:

    Great pictures! You look very beautiful together!

  • Kimberly said:

    Wow, ya'll are a beautiful couple.

  • Emiliano said:

    Great pictures! My favorite is the one of you reading a book.

  • Jennyanydots said:

    Beautiful, touching photos.

  • Margot said:

    You'll treasure these photos forever! Just beautiful! The photo of Ashley looking up from the book is my favorite :)

  • Heather said:

    Beautiful! I love the picture of the mama by herself looking up from reading the book!

  • Christy said:

    Great images and cute setup.

  • Janelle said:

    Very Beautiful Pictures. I loved them! One thing that caught my eye is the bottle of wine and two glasses. For me and others like Europeans, drinking a glass of wine every once in a while when pregnant is fine and even good! So I loved it! Love the pictures and the family!!

  • Grandee said:

    Can't wait to see the one who wears the little shoes! Great pictures.

  • Diana said:

    Simply beautiful! Love them. :)

  • Mandy said:

    I love the pictures! Beautiful use of color and lighting, too.

  • Laura said:

    Beautiful pictures! The picnic theme is such a neat idea!

  • So gorgeous!! I LOVE the one where they are kissing laying down. That photo needs to be in a magazine. The props are fab and the couple is beautiful! Awesome session, Bree!

  • Stacey Clark said:

    Bree..these are just lovely..what a beautiful and glowing mama to be! I love the toes!