{precious payton} albuquerque newborn photography

A baby fills a place in your heart that you never knew was empty


I was so excited for this pretty princess to visit the studio for her first photo session! I have known her auntie since high school and was so honored she asked me to help her sister and her family capture this amazingly special time in their lives! Thank you {m} family for sharing your pretty girl with me and my camera! {blessings!}

  • Marcus and Maddie said:

    Love these photos of this beautiful baby! <3<3

  • Cyncc said:

    She is so precious!
    Treasure every moment with your cutie.

  • Matt McCue said:

    Beautiful baby and photos

  • Amy said:

    Awesome pictures, beautiful baby!

  • Lexus said:

    She is absolutely beautiful! What a great family picture!

  • John Nguyen said:

    She is so precious!

  • Shaun Bryson said:

    The cutest pictures ever I love every single one

  • Michele Greenwood-Noel said:

    So tiny but absolutely adorable!

  • Meagan Rolfe said:

    Peyton is too adorable! I love all these photos!

  • Marquita Mata said:

    Speechless! This little beauty belongs in a magazine/poster/billboard.

  • Melia cecil said:

    The most precious baby in the world!

  • Alisha Keenan said:

    Most beautiful baby ever!!!

  • Andrea McLelland said:

    Sooo precious!!

  • Amanda Sullivan said:

    She's so beautiful!!

  • Kelly Walsh said:

    Peyton is the cutest!

  • Jeff said:

    Put some clothes on that baby!

  • Nicole said:

    She's precious!

  • Emma McCue said:

    Model baby status!! Love this little cutie!

  • Alma lopez sigalla said:

    Nice pictures. Beautiful baby!!!

  • Pam McCue said:

    Bree, thank you for capturing the innocent beauty of my grandbaby, Peyton Joy. Lovely photos.....such a treasure. Precious Peyton, you are so loved!

  • Tanya McCue said:

    Little Peyton Joy - you are so tiny and unaware of how much love you have brought to our family You are a part of us all.
    Love -Nana

  • Kelcey Walker said:

    Soooo cute!! I heard once that "we think that children are brought into the world for us to teach. But it seems that children sometimes teach us more about life and love than we ever could've imagined."

  • Melissa McCue said:

    These are such wonderful pics Bree! Your family loves you so much Precious Peyton!

  • Amber Baker said:

    I love her so much!!! Beautiful pictures!