{my annie} east mountains, nm maternity photography

In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures.For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed.

~Kahlil  Gibran~

As I sit here, reflecting on the images of this radiant mama to be, I am speechless, or in this case, wordless. Ironic, as this is the woman whom I share some of my deepest thoughts, biggest dreams, and greatest joys with, as she is one of my dearest friends. We have traveled in this journey of life together for many years…watching each other grow from girls to women. From senior prom to having babies…our lives have intertwined and danced together through each passageway. We have held each other up in times of darkness, and have lit the world with our joy during times of celebration. Capturing these images have to be some of my favorites. Observing the beauty of motherhood on her face, anticipating the tiny being growing inside her belly, and dreaming of the adventures to come. There truly are no words for this kind of friendship or love. So, I guess a heartfelt thank you, to you, my precious friend, will do best. Thank you for your continuous support, for your kind gestures of giving, for your steadfast friendship, for your unending love, and for simply sharing your precious soul with mine. I love you more than words….my sister, my friend….my Annie girl. Blessings.

  • Annie said:

    Wow, my breath is taken away, held deeply by my heart, as I take in the magick that you have captured here, Bree, in the pictures and in your words. I am truly blessed to be on this amazing journey of life with you, and cherish our friendship to the deepest depths of the sea and the outermost reaches of the cosmos. Thank you for capturing an amazing moment in time for me, I couldn't have dreamed of more beauty and support and love coming forth for my entire pregnancy and delivery. You are my IT girl! Thank you soooo much. Mucho love momma :) ? ? ?

  • Calli Kilmer said:

    Bree! These images are GORGEOUS! Annie looks beautiful, is beautiful! The shoot location is perfect, and you, once again, are AMAZING!