{mighty matthew} albuquerque, nm newborn photography

A mother’s arms are made of tenderness and children sleep soundly in them.
~Victor Hugo~

This cutie pie had a bit of a rough start to his life, but thanks to the amazing NICU nurses and doctors he was able to make it home a few weeks after his birth. He was such a good boy for his newborn session, to his mom’s delight, as she was determined to get him in for his first images. Thank you with all of my heart {r} family for sharing your new miracle with me. Blessings! 

  • Susan said:

    Matthew is the most precious little guy. Loved spending some time with him, what a sweetie. These pictures could not have captured his sweetness any better. Beautiful!

  • jami said:

    Love the wagon

  • Great Aunt Susie and Great Uncle Mike said:

    Sweet, sweet pictures of a precious little boy! Matthew's "Shuga-Mama" can't wait to snuggle him up!

  • Elizabeth said:

    Bree, I cannot thank you enough for capturing the sweetness of all of our little man.

    Family & friends, we are forever grateful for your love & support. We can never doubt that we are bountifully blessed.

    Hurrah for beauty & the simple joys of life! :)

  • Vanessa said:

    I love him!! I love the photos too, beautiful.

  • Uncle Charlie said:

    Excellent, our newest little man is adorable. Love the pictures!

  • Joy said:

    Amazing. I just adore these photos of your little guy. The shots in the wagon are unbelievable. And the family shots just warm my heart. Sendin' my love to each and every one of you.

  • Heather said:

    Mighty Matthew is so precious! I just love seeing those big eyes and the crazy hair - like father, like son.

  • Goldie said:

    Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures of Matthew. He is so precious!

  • Chris Hazard said:

    These pictures are incredibly wonderful! Thank you SO much for sharing, Elizabeth and Michael. We need such beauty in this world!

  • Guy Estes said:

    Matthew is a wonder! Arthur is a good middle name for him - he certainly resembles Art. Congratulations to Michael and Elizabeth, and to Matthew's proud grandparents.

  • Carol Estes said:

    Matthew is a darling child; so sweet, loveable, cuddly...We are all blessed to have Matthew in our lives. It will be fun to watch him grow up, just as we did with Michael and David.

  • Maryalice and Bob said:

    Another version of a Forster, only cuter! Mac and Bob

  • Aunt Pam said:

    Matthew is so sweet and content--full of love. So precious!

  • Grandma said:

    A precious bundle from heaven: Our Master Matthew.

  • Grandpa said:

    What a GREAT looking fellow! Those photos are just absolutely spectacular! I wish I had his hair! Hip, hip, HOORAY for Mighty Matthew!!!!!

  • Parsley said:

    I can't believe that I was able to recognize your little Matthew without knowing for sure which baby I was looking at. I can't usually ever recognize a baby unless I've seen them many times! How lovely and how loved this beautiful little boy is.

  • Susan said:

    Oh my goodness the hair! I love the hair! :)

  • Anto said:

    Absolutely precious! Praise God for Matthew! love you little man.

  • Jennie said:

    What a Love bug!

  • Sally said:

    Math U is a real cutie PI..... can't wait to meet him when he is awake.

  • Janet said:

    I am so in love with this little guy. What a good subject!

  • Buck said:

    Wow, wonderful photos. Very pleased to see that Matthew looks so great - far greater than Michael (but not Liz!), Art, or Bruiser.

  • Debby said:

    These are just precious photos. What a perfect little subject and a very happy family.

  • Alexis said:

    Perfection! I love the hair!

  • John Pawlak said:

    How I wish we could bottle cute like that! The pictures are beautiful. What a gorgeous little guy.

  • Lynn Demaray said:

    Love this!! The close ups are always my favorite!! Perfect images!