{little lucca} albuquerque, nm newborn photography

Every child begins the world again….
~Henry David Thoreau~
This little boy is so loved. You could feel it in the air the moment I walked through his front door. One of my favorite parts of this job, especially taking pictures of newborns, is watching a family grow and bond right in front of me. It is always so beautiful to witness. Thank you {H} family for sharing this beautiful moment in time with me. Blessings.

  • Bill "Grandpa" Hallett said:

    Hi Julie and Alan -- These pictures are just so great! You will treasure them for so many years. Lucca is just about the luckiest guy in town, to have parents as loving and caring as the two of you. And darned cute, too! You have begun a journey, and the best advice that I can give you is to enjoy every step of that journey. I sense that you have begun to do that. Love, Dad

  • Archer said:

    Gorgeous boy you two. Very happy for you!!!

  • Carolyn said:

    Julie & Alan - great work w/Lucca!! I love all the pictures!! Now the hard time - what to order?? Love you all!!

  • Crystle Collier said:

    He just keeps getting cuter! Enjoy every moment!

  • Auntie Kates said:

    Lucca! I miss you already you are so precious! I agree with Aunt Cindy-love you in the bucket! Kiss you all up again soon! XOXO Auntie Kates

  • Mimi said:

    Love love love his beautiful eyes! The pail picture is my favorite! The third one is just precious too! Lots of love to you Julie, Alan and Lucca!

  • Christina Ratchner (Nonna) said:

    These pictures are so beautiful and humbling to see my precious little grandson captured. It brought tears of joy and I feel so very blessed to have this handsome little boy in our lives.

    The pictures and the music are perfect poetry to herald in his entrance into our families. What a beautiful set of photos! I love them all! It is very difficult to decide favorite shots of him, but I am venturing to say the picture of him in the bucket with his eyes open. I just love it when he opens his eyes to look at you!

    Beyond precious! Thank you Julie and Alan for bringing Lucca into our families!!!

  • Anxious Buzz said:

    My heart is so full. I love the pictures of my grandson. The photogragher did an amazing job with him. He is truly a precious little baby and I do look so forward to our upcoming years together. Love you all so much. Grandpa Buzz......

  • Doreen Hamlin said:

    What awesome pictures these are! He is so beautiful when he's sleeping but it was wonderful that he decided to open his eyes to show us all his bright BIG eyes!! Love them all and love you all so much. Grandma

  • Lynn Dehler said:

    Congrats to the three of you! Precious baby! Precious photos! Enjoy every
    minute. Can't wait to see Lucca...love and blessing, Lynn

  • Jennifer and Jacob Gonzales said:

    The squishy-face one is great!! Love you guys!

  • Lacy Fullbright said:

    These pictures are so cute. He is so tiny. I love the bucket one too!

  • Matthew Gallegos said:

    He is so cute! I love the one of him in the bucket.

  • Kimberly Pino said:

    How adorable!!! This little guy is so cute. I love the open eyes - so rare to catch on camera at that age.

  • Jeremy Hamlin said:

    I LOVE THESE PICTURES!!!!! Little Lucca is the cutest baby I've ever seen! Nice job Alan and Julie! Love all three of you guys (and Lucy too)! :)

  • Cindy said:

    I just love him in the bucket. Monkey toes too. We love you baby Lucca Ham. Always Arthur Cindy and Siena

  • Melissa said:

    I just LOVE the detail shots like the little hands. Great job!