{little leona} albuquerque, nm newborn photographer

Precious and priceless so lovable too, the world’s sweetest littlest miracle is, a baby like you.


Sweet, teeny, tiny, Leona. My ittsy bittsiest blessing to come through the studio doors. At almost 5 lbs. this precious one was simply adorable and so snugglable. Thank you {g} family for sharing another one of your beautiful girls’ with me and my camera. As always, such an honor. Blessings!

  • Brian Heideman said:

    Precious little girl. I like the pic with the smile.

  • Terri said:

    She is an absolutely perfect little girl, as is her mommy! Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Kathryn said:

    What wonderful pictures of your beautiful little girl! Congratulations!

  • Arlene Romero said:

    Such a sweet little bundle of joy! I love the pics. She looks so angelic in some, peaceful in others and, of course, the one of her smiling is priceless! What a wonderful blessing!

  • jami said:

    Love those last two..she is a cutie

  • Marco Monreal said:

    Awwww she's so cute, great pics Bree

  • Lucy said:

    Bree, your work is amazing. Leona looks so angelic and you have been able to bring out her personality and she seems to be content and comfortable with every pose. You were able to bring a smile to her face and show her innocence and peaceful spirit. You do wonderful work.

  • Consuelo Romero said:

    She is so precious and can't wait to meet her Suzanne. Bree you have captured both Leona and GG as they are very precious little angels.

  • Kathy Soto said:

    Bree, your work is amazing! But when you have such a sweet beautiful subject sure makes the job much easier! Love the pictures....

  • Yvonne Emil said:

    Bree--your work is beautiful. My boyfriend is wondering if you would be able to make him look this cute while he's asleep.:)

  • Big Dada said:

    Bree, you do amazing work because it comes from your heart. Your awesome talent captures the beauty and spirit of our newest angel, Leona. I'm the luckiest and most blessed man on this earth to have two beautiful daughters, along with an amazingly smart, talented and gorgeous wife. Thank you, Lord!

  • Leslie said:

    What a beautiful angel. I love the expressions and detail captured in these photos. My favorites are the last one in the mini-trunk and with the purple winter hat. Love them - thanks for sharing.

  • Jodi said:

    What a beautiful set of pictures! It is obvious that Bree loves her work. Leona is adorable and beautiful!

  • Lynn Demaray said:

    Great images, love the chandelier!

  • Betty said:

    Beautiful baby! Great photos.

  • Lourdes said:

    Beautiful says it all for me.

  • Teresa said:

    So precious! Love the smile--an angel on earth! Congrats to you all!

  • Jolene said:

    Awww i love her! She is so adorable, u make cute babies!!!! I love the one where she's smiling. Makes me want one even more! haha :) Congratulations again!!!

  • Joseph Aragon said:

    So precious and beautiful! What's most amazing is Leona can sleep through all of the different poses and still smile for the camera.

  • Mama said:

    Bree, you do amazing work capturing the spirit and beauty of these precious angels. These pictures bring tears to my eyes and I am so grateful that we have been blessed to have you capture these precious moments. Leona is a sweet, beautiful angel and is a joyful and beloved addition to our family. Thank you for sharing our joy!

  • Gram Gram Emil said:

    Such a beautiful and heaven sent angel. She is so precious and has added so much joy to our lives along with her sister. Beautiful artwork. Their gram gram is so proud to have them in her life.

  • Cousin Toni said:

    Absolutely beautiful!!! Congratulations!!!

  • Stacy Stone said:

    Congratulations on your beautiful little girl! She is adorable!!

  • Auntie "Shawn" said:

    SIS and BIL--she is yet another amazingly beautiful little girl. I love both my nieces dearly, and I look forward to the happy days that await all of us because of their presence. Love you!!!


    so pretty she looks just like a little angel from heaven i know her grandpa johnny is very proud of her and peeks in her her everyday

  • Great Uncle Rey said:

    Such a beautiful work of art from our creator. She's been blessed by wonderful parents, abuelitas, tia, and of course, her lovely sister, GG. I certainly believe she will bring lots of happiness to everyone around her. God bless you Leona. We love you.