{Holly} Albuquerque Newborn Photographer

A daughter is a gift of love.

~ Unknown~

Holly is one of my oldest newborn’s to capture at 18 days old. Such a sweet girl….sleeping throughout her session, and so pretty. Thanks {R} family for sharing Holly with me and my camera for a bit! Blessings!

  • Jackie said:

    Beautiful pics!!! :D

  • Heidi Romney said:

    What gorgeous pictures!! You have a wonderful talent - and it doesn't hurt that your subjects for this session are so photogenic :)

  • jeanette figueroa said:

    Beautiful! Favorite is the black and white photo with Mom and Baby.

  • Carrie Rosenberg said:

    Thanks Bree, for sharing your many gifts and talents of the photographic arts with us. You are a true baby-whisperer and have captured some of the most beautiful first moments of my daughter's life on film.

  • Beautiful baby daughter and beautiful mom. Carrie, she is gorgeous!
    Wonderful pictures.