{c is for cutie} albuquerque newborn photographer

In the sheltered simplicity of the first days after a baby is born, one sees again the magical closed circle, the miraculous sense of two people existing only for each other.

~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh~

It is always so endearing to be welcomed into a home where a new baby resides. There is an energy within it’s walls that seems to radiate new possibilities, a still peace, and an profusion of love. I adore observing a new mama handle her tiny bundle…to witness her unconditional love overflow from her being straight to her baby’s heart. At 13 days old, sweet baby {C} was such a good sleeper for his pictures. He possessed a gentle patience about him, that will someday prove to make him a strong man. Blessings.
  • Tash Johnson said:

    He is so sweet!Bree so so good at this

  • Deloris Sanchez said:

    Those pictures are magical! I cannot even put it into words that begin to describe how beautiful your little boy is... Congrats to the Richards, and job well done to the photographer for capturing such memories!

  • Loredana said:

    What adorable pictures!!! Would be very hard to choose from because I would want them all. They are just amazing!!!

  • Tausha said:

    I am sooo in love with these photographs! Amazing! He is beautiful!!

  • Marcy Richards said:

    Bree i love every single pic i dont know how we are going to choose!!! You are an amazing photographer I cant thank you enough for capturing these memories for us...they grow so fast!!

  • Julie Hamlin said:

    These are the most amazing and creative pictures I have ever seen! He is the most beautiful baby boy in the world! I will have to use this photographer for our little one on the way! I can't wait to meet him in person!

  • Tammy said:

    OMG, I love the pics! I wish I had done something like that for my kids. Cant wait to see you all. Tammy Gutierrez

  • Trish Alley said:

    He is so adorable, these are such great pictures! Makes me wish I would have done this with Aiden.

  • Jackie Gonzales said:

    He is so beautiful! The pictures are adorable!

  • Lisa said:

    He is the most precious little angel. Those are some of the most beautiful and creative pics I have seen. Amazing job!!

  • Edye said:

    Ahh so so cute! What a sweet little blessing.

  • Raelynn Armijo said:

    He is tooo adorable!!! I love all of the poses.....

  • natalia said:

    He's precious! Congrats to you guys!

  • Melanie Arias said:

    Sooooo sweet!! I love them all..

  • margeaux stohl said:

    He is soooooooo adorable. Those are the cutest pictures ever.

  • Quiteria said:

    These pictures all came out amazing!! My favorite one is the very first one- he looks so happy! I can't wait to meet him. He is so handsome!!! xoxo

  • Sarah Moore said:

    These pictures are absolutely adorable! What a gorgeous baby boy! Marcy you're baby is absolutely amazing and I can't wait to meet him! <3

  • Kris Kirk said:

    Amazing settings. I don't know how a mother would ever pick their favorite pic - they are all beautiful!

  • Brandice Garcia said:

    These are some of the most precious pictures I have ever seen! What an adorable little guy he is! These will be treasured forever I am sure! Great work!

  • Victoria said:

    WOW, these are the most amazing baby pics I've ever seen!! Baby "C" is sooo adorable :)

  • Melody Morones said:

    The only thing that makes my heart melt more than these pictures, is holding him in my arms. Awesome, awesome pictures!

  • Evonne Luna said:

    Wow! Incredible work!!

  • Natalie Gutierrez said:

    The most beautiful pictures I have ever seen! Literally brought a tear to my eye! Amazing job!

  • Melanie Quill said:

    Cute pictures! I love the one with the eyelashes and the green beanie!

  • Yol said:

    These pics are so precious and so creative!

  • Faye said:

    Gorgeous Bree.... I love every single gone - gorgeous work!

  • barbara gutierrez said:

    These pictures are sooo cute. I love all the poses their awesome and very creative.

  • Margaret Lucero said:

    These are the most adorable pictures I ever saw. I love the different poses and ideas!! Great job Bree

  • Amanda Stevens said:

    This is the sweetest little babe I have ever seen! I love the photo in the wire basket with the little beanie. Adorable!

  • liz chavez said:

    AWWWW these are beatiful pictures. i love all the poses.

  • lynnette richards said:

    Absolutely beautiful pictures, so many poses I would never have thought of.

  • What a handsome little guy Bree!! I LOVE the macro shot of his eye lashes and the one with him laying in the basket in my fave! Beautiful session...I bet the momma will be so happy!