{beautifully radiant} albuquerque, nm maternity photography

The art of mothering is to teach the art of living to children.

~ Elaine Heffiner~

These images of the pure beauty of motherhood take my breath away. Such a gorgeous mama and papa to be. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect winter’s day for the session, and I fully enjoyed the peace these two possess. Thank you {L} family for the time together. I can’t wait to see how amazingly beautiful your little sweetie is going to be! Blessings!

  • katie ellow said:

    My sweet jen...you are beautiful as always, but that baby girl brings it out even more! The pics are precious-i love the one with matts arms around your belly & his hands in a heart...love them all really! What a beautiful family inside & out xoxo

  • Kristin Miller said:

    Love the pictures and can't wait to meet my newest niece.

  • Jenny Hendrickson said:

    Wow! Beautiful pics of a beautiful family! Cannot wait to see pics of beautiful baby Lang! xoxo

  • Latrecia Brown said:

    Love the pics. You two are cute. can't wait to meet your lil girl.

  • Kiley said:

    Beautiful Couple and Amazing parents-to-be! These pictures are Amazing.

  • Evan said:

    So beautiful!! Can't wait for the little one to arrive!! Xo

  • Maureen Thomson said:

    Great pictures! Lovely back drop in new mexico! Wish we had this photographer in PA.

  • Meghan Wojewodka said:

    What beautiful, timeless pictures!!! Jenny and Matt--you have a beautiful family!

  • Mandi Abernathy said:

    Your pictures are beautiful and the scenery is amazing! I can't wait to see the baby pictures!

  • Stacey Weidner said:

    Perfect little family! You are beautiful, Jenny!! Love the scenery <3

  • Matt Lang said:

    Wow that is one HOT momma. Now come on out baby Lang!

  • Brianna Baum said:

    I absolutely adore these photos! Beautiful!!

  • Erin said:

    These pictures are gorgeous Jen!! Congratulations!

  • Adriane Muniz said:

    Amazing pictures!

  • Dana Kaye said:

    These pictures are soooo cute!! U guys look great. Cute shots!

  • Giselle Russ said:

    Most beautiful pregnant pictures ever! Your family is beautiful and you look amazing!!!

  • Kelly said:

    Stunning! Amazing! Beautiful!

  • Kristin miller said:

    Love these pictures Matt and Jen! I can't wait to meet my next niece!

  • Lindsey smith said:

    These are gorgeous! Best wishes...can't wait to welcome you to the mommy club!

  • Alli said:

    You look so radiant, Jen! Best wishes as you bring your little one into our world.

  • Colleen said:

    These pictures are beautiful!!! I especially love the ones with the yoga poses, Jen you are glowing! We can't wait to meet baby Lang:)

  • Alexandra said:

    Absolutely adorable :)

  • Katie said:

    Beautiful little family, and even more beautiful when the little sweet pea arrives! Jen, you are absolutely stunning...you look so radiant! These pictures are gorgeous and what pretty scenery! :)

  • Courtney Copeland said:

    Beautiful photos! You're the prettiest mommy-to-be, Jenny!!!!

  • Ashley Zander said:

    Absolutely stunning! Can't wait to see pics of the beautiful little girl the two of you created. Sending all my love! xo

  • Laura said:

    These are amazing! Love the itty bitty moccasins!! So beautiful

  • erika clauss said:

    what a beautiful family!!

  • Sean Simmons said:

    Gorgeous Matt and Jen!

  • Meredith said:

    These are gorgeous!! I should get one of me and my husband, we are also expecting. Good Luck to you!!

  • Allison said:

    Wow! These are INCREDIBLE!! Jen, you look amazing!! We can't wait for her to arrive! Love and Kisses!! xoxox

  • Lauren Longenecker said:

    Absolutely gorgeous pictures! Hope these will be framed in Baby's room!

  • mary said:

    BEAUTIFUL! perfect pregnancy body. Beautiful couple!!

  • Brandy Praedin said:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! The belly kiss is my favorite;-)

  • Sara said:

    Amazing pictures! The combo of the scenery and your belly are magical!

  • Amanda G said:

    Beautiful photos! Love the yoga poses!

  • Jeniffer Lang said:

    We Love Love Love these Bree!!! You are amazingly talented!
    We can't wait for you to capture our little girl...any day now she is set to arrive!
    Much love,
    Matt and Jen Lang