{beautiful brianne} albuquerque, nm maternity photographer


It is the most powerful creation to have life growing inside of you. There is no bigger gift.


This adorable couple were such troppers for there belly bump session…getting sappy in the trees and all! Thank you {m} family for the giggles and the lovely afternoon spent capturing this priceless time in your lives. Blessings.

  • Jan said:

    So pretty in blue!

  • Connie said:


  • Donna said:


  • Steph said:

    What a beautiful couple you are!

  • Barbara said:

    LOVE every photo, you look absolutely pretty!

  • Alice said:

    These are beautiful!

  • David said:

    Sam, you and Brianne are going to be great parents to your bundle of joy!

  • Debbie said:


  • Christina said:


  • Dianne said:

    Love, love, love!

  • Joanne said:

    Beautiful pictures, love all of them!

  • Michelle said:

    Great pictures, love!!

  • Joseph said:

    You and Sam look great, awesome pictures!

  • June said:

    Very nice, you look absolutely gorgeous!

  • Leslie said:


  • Sherri said:


  • Sarah said:

    Beautiful pics

  • Belen said:

    Great pics, congratulations to you both!

  • Shanda said:

    Love, love love!!!

  • James said:

    You and Sam look great, Ellie will be blessed to have you two as her parents!

  • Veronica Jaramillo said:

    Beautiful !!! You will be great parents !

  • Veronica Jaramillo said:

    You two look so Beautiful , The baby will be so Blessed having you two as Parents. Jesus be with you all !!!!!!

  • Sharon said:

    These photos capture a beautiful time in your lives that you will cherish forever!

  • Jana said:

    Absolutely gorgeous!!

  • Evan said:

    Great photos!

  • Sonia said:

    Such an amazing couple! The pictures are beautiful.

  • Cara said:

    These are beautiful!! LOVE!!

  • Sam said:

    Thank you for the great pictures.

  • Chris Brooks said:


  • Courtney Toller said:

    Love these pictures!

  • Peña said:

    These are stunning! My fave is the one without your heads...no offense ;)

  • Dustin Brooks said:

    Love these pictures! You guys look great!

  • Ashley Stone said:

    Absolutely beautiful pictures!!!!! LOVE! Congratulations B! Amazing job Bree :).

  • David Babington said:

    Great photos!

  • Lindsey Babington said:

    Sooo beautiful both Mama and baby! What a cute bump!

  • Roberta Campbell said:

    These are spectacular! I wish I had done something like this! Love love love them!

  • Christina Garcia said:

    Perfect in every way! Ellie is so lucky to have wonderful parents like you!

  • Kim Brooks said:

    Great couple, great pictures.

  • Rebekah Mains said:

    I love them all!!!! :) The dandelion one might be my favorite! Love you guys very much!

  • Shawn said:

    Beautiful family!

  • Lauren said:

    Gorgeous!!!!! Love love love these!

  • theresa sabaugh said:

    You guys are beautiful!

  • Michelle Brooks said:

    Love the pictures, B looks sooo pretty!!!

  • Joy Nelson said:

    These are gorgeous! The lighting is amazing, and your eyes are gorgeous, Brianne. BIG DANDELION! Perfect pregnancy photos.

  • Melissa Pool said:


  • Brianne said:

    You did such an amazing job! We love them :)