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{1 year big} albuquerque one year old photographer

How amazing you’re already One
What a precious person you’ve become!


Sweet baby girl {a} was a bit shy for her one year old session, but still, oh so sweet. Those big brown eyes melt my heart, and reflect such a sweetness. Thank you so much {c} family for allowing me to watch your girl grow! Such a blessing for sure!

PS. The adorable cakes I am now using for cake smashes are my new signature cakes made by my sweet friend of Hot Cakes. If you’d like her info, please email me!

  • Marvid said:


  • King said:

    You all have a beautiful daughter!

  • Granpa Kong said:

    Hey Joe....my grandaughter is so beautiful!

  • Chris said:

    My lovely daughter!! Thanks Bree

  • Frank said:

    I love the pictures!

  • linda said:

    My beautiful neice!!

  • Veronica said:

    Beautiful baby girl, with beautiful big brown eyes!!!
    Photos came out great.

  • Kaden said:

    Pictures turned out awesome. Can't believe Aliana is already 1!

  • Lisa said:

    Great pictures. She is such a gorgeous baby girl!

  • Terrance said:

    Great pictures! She needs to share her cake.

  • Dennis said:

    What an adorable little girl!

  • Kathy said:

    Amazing pictures

  • Allen said:


  • Wayne said:

    Awesome pictures!

  • Claudia said:

    Those pictures made me cry, beautiful!

  • Amy said:

    What an honor to have such a beautiful grand-daughter!

  • Crissy said:

    Those eyes are beautiful!

  • Belinda said:

    What a doll!

  • Christen said:

    My daughter is absolutely beautiful!

  • Rose said:

    Love the christmas pictures!

  • Wendy said:

    She is beautiful!

  • Graylando said:


  • Alicia said:

    Too cute! :)

  • Cammy said:

    she is an absolute doll!

  • How adorable!! Love the first one in the santa dress. You are amazing my friend!! So talented!!